10 Things You Need to Pack On Your Glamping Holiday

Glamping is one of those holidays that once you have been, you will just want to do again and again. The space, the fresh air, everything about it is wonderful. But like anything we do for the first time, it can be unnerving so you need to make sure you do your research.  

I love packing for a holiday as it means that we will be heading off on a new adventure really soon.  I always have a list for everything and generally take too much but it’s good to be prepared right?! 

And it goes without saying that a glamping packing list is a must. But sometimes there are things you just wouldn’t think of taking, but in that moment, you really wished you had it…. 

 Here are a few things that we, at Twins and Travels, don’t travel without…. 

 Flip flops/Crocs – For the showers or slipping on when you need a wee!

 Tin opener – there’s always one tin you can’t open

 Pop-up laundry bag for throwing shoes in – For keeping all those shoes in one place

 Dust pan & brush – Your tent will need a good sweep though! 

Bug catchers – my girls love looking for bugs when we are glamping but then have no where to put them!

 Thick socks & large crocs for around the campfire – Even in the summer months it’s chilly in the evenings and you will be grateful for those thick socks

 Fan or white noise machine – Do your children wake up to the slightest noise in the mornings? Pop on a white noise machine which will drown everything out and they will sleep like a baby

Egg cups – Dippy eggs are the perfect glamping brunch, but damn hard to eat without an egg cup

Sugar cubes (not granules) – I don’t know how many times the girls have tipped over the sugar pot and we have come home to ants, but take sugar cubes and it solves this little problem in an instant!

A sense of humour – goes without saying. Enjoy it, have fun and just laugh at the mistakes. It’s all memory making!


 What’s the strangest thing you pack for a holiday?

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