We are conscious there has been numerous articles and customer reviews which we are currently taking action on. To reassure our guests we have complied a list of Q&As to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can read our statement here.

Q: I have read the reviews online and the media articles. I am concerned about my upcoming visit and would like some reassurance

A: We are working tirelessly to reassure guests and to ensure that issues identified are corrected as quickly as possible. We have been listening and taking guest feedback on board to resolve any issues as a priority.

In response to these issues, we have made changes to a number of our processes and procedures at all three sites. These changes include improvements to check-in and changeover procedures, and we are proactively hiring more team members to cover staff absences.

We will be releasing video tours from each of our three sites so that future guests can see the changes we’ve made to put things right and to give you a feel for what to expect ahead of your stay. We are filming these imminently and will be posting on our Facebook page this week: https://www.facebook.com/cloudnineglamping/

Q: Will my holiday go to plan?

A: Since opening the Cloud Nine sites two weeks ago, we have faced some unexpected operational challenges that have impacted on some of our guests’ experiences.  As a result of these challenges, we’re truly sorry that we haven’t been able to provide every guest with the high-quality staycation we pride ourselves on delivering.

We are working hard to address these issues and ensure that all guests enjoy the holiday they were expecting to have with us. We have already put a number of changes into place, such as improvements to check-in procedure, changeover, and we are actively recruiting additional staff to cover any team absences.

The feedback we are currently receiving is that the majority of our guests have had an enjoyable break, camping in our beautiful destinations across the UK.

Unfortunately, there are always factors beyond anyone’s control, including the weather, that can impact on an outdoor adventure. We encourage all guests to embrace our natural environment and enjoy the space with their family and friends.

Rest assured, our teams are on site to help you with any concerns or issues you may have during your stay.

If you have any specific questions on what to pack or what to expect, please do not hesitate to drop us an email: hello@cloudnineglamping.com

Q: I’ve sent an email and not had a response

A: We are working very hard to respond to as many emails as we can but volumes are a lot higher than usual so please do bear with us. We will aim to acknowledge your email within 3 days and respond to you within 7.

Q: I am due to be visiting soon and would like to book a check in slot. How can I do this?

A: All Cloud Nine guests will receive a welcome pack via email in the days ahead of their arrival date. There will be a link in this email to book your check in slot.

The check in time is just for our guidance to help manage the buggy flow but if the time you need isn’t there then please arrive at the time that suits you. We do anticipate that 3-4.30pm is our busiest time so if you’d like to enter the site and come back for a transfer this is fine, or feel free to head out for dinner and arrive at a later time, whatever works for you.

A buggy will take you from the arrival gate to your accommodation, so don’t worry about trekking with too much stuff – we have you covered!

Q: Can I speak to one of your customer service representatives on the phone?

A: Yes, please call us on 020 3617 6015. Our teams are working extremely hard to respond to all enquiries from current, past and future guests so please bear with us. You can also drop us an email requesting a call back too: hello@cloudnineglamping.com.

Q: What happens with wet weather? 

A: As with all campsites we have to deal with all sorts of weathers but rest assured we are equipped to deal with rain. We will always prioritise your safety first and if our check in is impacted, we’ll of course be in touch. We have sheltered areas and of your activity can’t go ahead then we’ll of course refund you.

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