Who are we?

We’re a team of parents (and a few cool Aunties and Uncles) who have over 20 years experience organising some of the UK’s most-loved festivals and events. We set out on a mission to build the ultimate family experience. Following our successful Summers in 2020 and 2021, we’re returning for Summer 2022 for more family fun and memory making.

We’re for family time.
We’re for shared adventures and memories shared forever.
We’re for muddy wellies, stuffed bellies and plenty of W-I-N-E time.
We’re for BBQs, bug hunts, beers, biscuits and brilliance.
We’re for building spaceships, friendships and relationships.
We’re for snacks.
Oh boy are we for snacks.
We’re for are we nearly there yets?
Are we nearly there yets?
Us time, their time and sneaking off for me time.
We’re for anything but boring.
Anything but ordinary.
Anything but anything like anything else.